Maria A. Luongo, CM
Maria A. Luongo, CM

Artist Statement            

Having grown up and spent a great deal of time by the sea in New England, the sea has come to have a strong influence on Copley Master, Maria Luongo’s work as an artist.

Travelling extensively throughout Europe, Maria spent much time in time in Italy along the Mediterranean observing the beauty, power and mystery of the sea.  Her travels took her to Mexico where she was fortunate, not only to travel, but to live and work.  It was while living in Mexico that her sculpture began to portray Maria’s interest in the sea.  Mexico with its tremendous natural beauty and bold organic forms fascinated Maria and also became influential to her work.  

Although Maria has worked with many media, such as plastic resins, wood, ceramic and plaster, she has chosen to cast most of her forms in bronze, and many of them have been cast in Mexico.

Maria’s sculptural forms combine both human and organic elements.  In appearance they are very often rounded with distinct planes and sensual in feeling.  Many have been highly polished to give them a liquid quality and to create a kinesthetic effect.  Some have been perforated while some merely have recesses.  In perforating and/or making recesses in my forms, Maria hopes to draw the viewer into, as well as around and through the piece, giving the effect of caves, caverns, shells, and the sea (places of mystery and intrigue).  Textured areas contrast with highly polished and smooth surfaces.  Greenish patinas have been applied to some in order to suggest the sea.  Black patinas have been have been utilized in recessed areas to contrast with highly polished areas, adding to the sense of mystery.  In addition, Maria has used other color patinas or has chrome-plated and painted the bronze of some of her other sculptures.

Maria’s interpretation of shells, seaweed and wave like forms have become motifs in much of her work.  Shells and the sea have come to symbolize the womb for her and give a female like form to some of her work.  This anthropormorphic element in her work has evolved in most of her recent sculptures into forms that are figurative and cubist.  Maria has an inventory of for-sale pieces and is also willing to work on commission.


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