Susanne Taylor

After majoring in Art and Art History at Emmanuel College, (’79) I moved to New York and looked for work in advertising art departments. I was hired for account management and worked for many years in the advertising business. Once my children were in school I began studying fine art and painting. As my family has moved around the U.S. I’ve had the opportunity to study with many top artists. In Chicago, I discovered the School of Representational Art and the world of classical realism. In this, I found my calling. I am devoted to drawing from life, painting, and observing nature. My teachers were Bruno Surdo and Mike Chelich, former students of Richard Lack. Later, in the New York area, I studied with Judy Kudlow at the Harlem Studio of Art; Robert Armetta at the L.I. Academy of Fine Art; and, John Morra at Grand Central Atelier. I am a member of the Copley Society of Art; Oil Painters of America; American Women Artists; and, the Cape Cod Art Association. Cape Cod is home for a portion of the year and also a major inspiration in my work. The air, light and atmosphere of the Cape are always on my mind.

Selected Works