Michael Dudash

I create art because I have “found myself” in it. I like to work in stone, using its’ natural flow and faults to greatly influence the final outcome. I do not use power tools. I shape the sculptures by eye using only simple hand tools, as in ancient times (nowadays this would be considered “green art”). The tactile nature of this primitive process; from brain to hand, hammer to chisel; each strike to the stone creates ringing meditation for me. I literally step back out of the computer age and take rebellious pleasure in the fact that for a while I am it’s antithesis. I do not try to copy, or abstract anything. In each stone there exists limitless possible forms. Just one of these forms is revealed through my efforts. Every stone is different, so each sculpture is always unique. My sculptures are three-dimensional representations of quaternions, non-Euclidian geometric forms. The lines and curves of my sculptures are infinite. My artwork is meant to be a three-dimensional poem, to evoke beautiful emotions in the individual viewer. To be fully appreciated my sculptures need to be both viewed and touched. The goal is to shape beautiful perfect forms that repulse the ugliness and horror all too prevalent in todays’ world.
Artistic Skills 

Selected Works