William Turner

My current career as a professional narrative artist, in the realist genre, began when I retired after 30 years in autobody restoration. I entered a Commercial Design and Illustration program with certification in that field, but wanted to pursue painting instead of computer generated art. This led me to continue my education earning a BFA-Painting in 2006, graduating with high honors from the New Hampshire Institute of Art, Manchester. In conjunction I taught drawing and art history for nine years. I earned my MFA in Visual Arts-Painting in 2015 from NH Institute of Art. My mentors over the years have been James Aponovich, Colin Berry, Patrick McKay, Sean Beavers, Richard Whitney, Anthony Apesos, and Shelley Reed to name a few. I have a deep interest in vintage machinery, especially vehicles since autobody restoration was my first career. My focus has recently shifted to painting images seen from the side-view mirror.

Selected Works