Jason Sawtelle

Growing up in upstate New York, most of the time that I was not drawing was spent outdoors. I developed a passion for canoeing, hiking and camping and a connection with nature that continues to inspire my art. I moved to Massachusetts in 1995, and now my nature excursions explore the beauty of both my native New York and my home in Mass. When I am in nature and I look around me, I see power, drama and beauty in unlikely subjects. I am drawn to the quiet but poignant impact created by dynamic composition, light and color in seemingly simple or mundane scenes. I love representational painting, but more for the ability of realism to communicate the feeling of a scene than the importance of simply depicting the subject. I was a Fine Art major in college (Colgate University class of 1992) and have been making art my entire life, but it was not until August of 2014 that I decided to leave my corporate job and pursue art full-time.

Selected Works